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My grammar or speech is not always clear so bare with me if you don't understand something






Now I try and add this and SOS but SOS is higher then YAOS so if I have one on the other one doesn't work and bugs out something on the model, I mean the custom models are mostly there but any model that use the nord race as a base (ha) sometimes the faces are bugged up like no face but eyes nose and mouth, kinda like reverse Rayman...


I think its the facegen files, both YAOS and SOS are fighting for use on the Argonian and Kajitit models and since I have YAOS, most of the vanilla models bug out...



I use Wrye, LOOT, TES5Edit



I don't use NMM, MO


What I think is happening is in Wrye I use the "Install last" command a lot so that also changes the order, I use LOOT and TES5Edit to sort, which one should I sort with first because both can do that? LOOT updates the master list but TES5Edit loads BSAs and other stuff LOOT doesn't, so which first? Should I run them before or after Bash patching?


Usually after TES5Edit, mods bold out and become red on Wrye, so I think "Install last" breaks everything...do I instead just select those red ones and hit install instead of "install last"? I'm guessing that will just install what is missing, then just LOOT and TES5Edit sort again? No clean, no get rid of identical to masters, no disable and undelete just sort for both...

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