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A breeding Mode for Skyrim

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This is something i never found in skyrim but exist in fallout series. a breeding mode. i have this idea for mode where you ll have a Main-quest where a succubus/dark wizard in a castle is kidnapping girls and you ll have to save them. If Dragonborn fail to defeat the wizard/succubus you join the girls he kidnapped in breeding an daedra army for him. this will be essentially a mod from female prespective. this would be a pregnancy, BDSM and creature sex mode.


Ways you end in the clutches of wizard/succubus:

-Simple Slavery

-storm his castle get defeated a become his slave

-death alternative mode

-Defeat mode


When captured the wizard decide what to do with you every day ; essentially he decide to what creature he will breed with (Orc , Daedra , estrus plant , falmer , Troll or succubus). this mode would have a tame meter. each time you give birth to his spawns or get punished by him you get more tamed and become more willing brood mother. Being defiant to him or trying to escape lower the tame meter. when you reach a 100% tame meter you would be essentially broken mentally and you obey all his orders. He would order you to bring more girls for him.


Can a mode like this be made to skyrim or is it too complicated ?



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