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Nude rigs and skin templates?


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So I've been trying to figure out how to make the sim rigs in blender to be naked with certain skin overlays, but I have no idea how to do that. I tried reading up on it on the S4Studio website, but I couldn't find anything helpful. I'd really like to have a nude female rig and skin template since I've already got a few nude male rigs from Noir and Azmodan. I want to make pubic hair tattoos for female sims, but the underwear on the template makes it hard to place everything, plus I've heard the underwear shows up in CAS if there's nothing covering it.


I'd really appreciate it if someone helped me with this! I want to start contributing to this site beyond just posting in the forums and downloading stuff.

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Yeah no idea how to do that sorry, I'm guessing Noir has a good understanding since the male rigs they gave for animating with have a nice skin overlay on them. You could try send them a direct message or maybe someone else knows and they can hook you up.


Glad to hear your interested in creating though, good luck.

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