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My Character can't getting pregnant


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Hi People,


I really need your help or any advice. I choose for my female character Danse for romantic partner. I tried my character to getting pregnant from him, but she can't. I don't know that maybe I done something wrong or Danse is not the right person. I had install RSE (Reproductive System Effects) and Family Planning Enhanced mod, and I thought, that maybe RSE mod causing problems and then later I set inactive in the mod manager. But still nothing. Please give some advices, that where should I look for the solutions. I attached my load order and the latest papyrus log.


Thanks so much for everyone.



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Yesterday I thought about it, that I must try with another NPC, but it was late night, so I couldn't. But now I tried - just one now - with Maxson. I don't know that how much days/weeks (ingame) must I wait to get pregnant message, but nothing happened. :frown:  Before in an older game, I played with Four-Play Family Planning, it happenes the same as here with Danse, but there my character get pregnant from another NPC. So, I don't know now. :frown:

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