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Hi, all.  OK, I'm brand new to this 'mod' stuff.  I just installed the basic nude bodies mesh & texture files. If I kill a female enemy & take her armor, bingo!, naked lady - dead naked lady, but still.... QUESTION:  How do I get the living Oblivion chicks 'nekkid' (command, spell, need to download additional files? what?)

TIA for any help offered.

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1)Kill , take the clothes and resurrect the NPC with console.


2) Use MCS


You only need Mad Companionship Spells 2.5 and MCS Extension 1.15 ( not  Humantouch )

In game you use the order spell and in the menu you choose "trade"

With MCS you can make any NPC your companion ( the Order spell and trade only gives you access to the inventory )


3) you use LoversSex Mods:

-LoversSlaveTrader: ensalve NPCs and you can command the NPCs, of course you have access to the inventory )  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/24-lovers-slave-trade-10-english-final/

-Lovers Skirt Flipper: sneak and steal skirtsfrom females  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/94-lovers-skirt-flipper/


4)  Use the Construction Set: You create a esp, a patch with all NPCs and remove the clothes and armors.



EDIT: and before you add more Mods...maybe take a look at my yellow Link below.

How to sort Mods and clean mods.

And what you need before you install Lovers sex mods.

And what you should not do !!! Oblivion not installed in C:\programFiles x86 ;  Do not use NexusModmanger,  Don't use LOOT for Oblivion,...

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