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Female Draugr sex help?

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Hi; I'm new here, I don't know much English I write something wrong with her to translate if I wrote I apologize in advance.
I did some research but I couldn't find how to relationship with women can girle draugr. My character is male, but the animation starts, it's like I'm pretending to be woman. How can I fix it. Which is supposed to be the Board. Thank you in advance.
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As far as I know, there are very few if any Female Monster to Male animations, or even nude replacers to make monsters female.


There are no female drauger animations, all female druagr default to male nude.

Sexlab as far as I know cannot reliably determine the sex of the monster, at this point all animations from monsters likely still default to monsters registering as male.

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I believe i saw one or two female draugr animations by Funnybizness, he's pretty much the only one who makes stuff for female creatures. I know for sure he made the female giant animation.

I'm also pretty sure there was an option for keeping draugr female once, Defeat had(has) a special strapon added to them, but i didn't see it in my latest games... i think it's because of a change in MNC, but that was even before the SLAL edition existed, no clue which version you'd need or if i'm even right about MNC.

Asking Funny if he knows a way to trigger that stuff properly might be worth a try, but often he has no idea about that stuff either, he just creates it. ;)

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