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[Sims 4] CSV - Celebrities 11

Mamba 101

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Hey guys just uploaded Mila Kunis in the free section for you alll & I hope you enjoy!


You can find all the (free) Featured models with their photo galleries on my website CSV


You can find many more Exclusive models & also support the project through my Patreon



Mila Kunis












WW Compatibly test (18+ eyes only)




... very well









* Exclusive updates (47 Celebrities)


Miley Cyrus












Zooey Deschanel












Sarah Michelle Gellar












Nicole Kidman












Emilia Clarke












* Up Next



Emma Watson












and more...





I very carefully make each & every Celebrity to look as unique & real to life as can be...


  * All facial structure & body sliders are set to look like the specific Celebrity - from every angle 

  * All 6 (or more) outfits are set to that Stars unique look ~ including their makeup & hairstyles

                     * All skin details are specific for that Character ~ Eyes, Brows, Moles, Freckles, Tattoos, Height, Weight etc 

        * All anatomy is unique and set to represent each character realistically when both nude & clothed

* All Traits & Behaviour Mods are chosen to best bring out the Celebrities real life Personality

They are ALL fully finished ~ Head to Toe & do not use any base game content 

In Short

All the hard work of creating & link chasing has been done for you - All that's left for you to do is enjoy them


I've set all this up for you guys ~ I've made it as easy as I possibly could

If you do have any problems make sure to check out the Setup page or Contact me for any help needed


I hope you guys enjoyHappy Holidays!


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