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Bizarre Issue - Sex Initiates Fast Travel?

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Having a strange issue all of a sudden. When I initiate a sex scene it kicks off fast travel to whiterun area - we do it in the sky above a giant camp and then fall to our deaths after.... So far it's with Camilla via Amorous Adventures, and M'Rissi... Sexlab Submit, and sex with regular NPCs works just fine. Any ideas? This is by far the strangest bug I've had yet in hundreds of hours of modding and playing skyrim. 

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Thanks - good to know at least that I'm not alone with this one! My initial googles came up empty. I did stumble on my own fix last night through trial and error - I disabled all animations in SLA and rebuilt SL registry and left only zaz installed... problem went away. Added back the SLA packs and so far so good... similar to the steps in the post you reference but no wait time. How strange!


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