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I can't get pregnancy to show on my body setup, what have I done wrong...


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With or without armor?  With all you list correctly installed and selected (and if pregnant), your PC should show belly/boobs after set amount of time (MCM) - however, if you want to see belly/boobs while wearing armor, you also need HDT supporting armors such as CT77's remodeled armor.

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Uninstall Bodyslide using the option "From All Profiles"

Then reinstall Bodyslide, IF you see the FOMOD installer pop up with options you have started this process correctly if Bodyslide just installs without giving an options menu you have done it wrong.


When the Options Menu pops up,

You want to select HDT UUNP with premade body


From there, you want to open Bodyslide found in your C:\Skyrim\Data\Tools\Bodyslide folder


After that your in a new window the Bodyslide Window.


Go to "Groups Tab" upper right.

Find "Unified UNP" Group,


Now in "Outfit Body"

Find Unified UNP HDT or Unified UNP Special (Requires more stuff like downloads from animated pussy)


In Preset TAB, right below "Outfit/Body" you will select your preset body type, example I use UUNP - 7B Bombshell


After that you want to hit the "Build Morphs" checkbox and then the Build Button.

Now look for Unified Hands and Unified Feet in the Outfit/Body and do the same for those.


Your body is now made.




Now your going to have to download a set of armors that will work with HDT.


Here's one that I made,

Remodeled Armor for UUNP BodySlide HDT



You will open the Group Tab, select the CT77 Groups there are about 5 of them...

You will then select your preset body

Then morphs check box

Finally you are going to hit Batch Build.



After you have finished this process you will now have HDT physics bodies in your game as well as a selection of Armors for the Vanilla Armor.


Then you can try out some other nice stuff like Book of UUNP, featuring about 400 outfits for NPC's to wear.

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Download Casio and textures overwrite uunp hdt all in one;  after installing All in one animated hdt animated pussy . Xp32 maximum skeleton 3.94 . Sorry you will have to download; All in one from LL . see attached files .  I personally dont like ( body slides) as it can mess up ( nif)  body seams with feet and hands . I use SOS for males . Beeing female latest version FNIS and SeXlabs . RUN LOOT then FNIS, check top two boxes when you open fnis so it find patches .

Cosio 3.7 Main.rar

Cosio Texture Hi res.rar

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended 3.94.7z

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