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Merged patch and dark faces problem


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I have a lot of appearance overhauls installed, and after making a merged patch and generating all other patches(Bashed, ASIS, PaMa etc), I'm getting a lot of bugged faces for my NPCs. It's mostly the dark face bug, but sometimes everything is just messed up. If I disable all the generated patches, the NPCs look like they should, so how do I create these patches and still get the right appearance for them? Should I just disable all the overhauls before making the patches? That will work for the face but they won't have the right stats or perks. Note: I'm using Mod Organizer.


Requiem had a built in solution for this, but now I'm just confused.

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Yup, though what you need to do is damn tedious to say the least, what you would need to do is load the entire mod list into xedit.


Then go onto the non-player character (actor) section of the last mod, this would be your merged or bash patch, not the level npc but the npc section, which should list all the npcs affected , there you would need to drag the data from the npc change mod into the last mod so that it is the one being used.


Here is an example picture






The bits for the most part that you are interested in would be the Head Parts, HCLF, QNAM Textures, NAM9, NAMA, and tint layers for each npc.


In this case to have metalsabers edits overwrite it would simply be drag them from the mod 5D metalsabres npc stuff, in this case to the very right most mod in this case DF NPC Overwrite.


You would however need to do this for each npc affected and re do it if it is your merged patch that is being changed, which is why the mod in my case is called npc overwrite and in my game it loads very last even after my bash and merged patches.  And yes it is very very tedious to do.


I stated doing this on finding out that my merge and bash patches were not always passing through the edits that I wanted passed for each npc, sometimes when looking at it I found that the npc was only being afffected by the vanilla game stuff even when a  lower load order mod should have changed them to something else.

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50 minutes ago, eolithic said:

I was try Merge my custom army of Bijin NPC-Wives-Warmaidens and after enable not all works property (seems reason was i have dif ves of bijins and installed 1 bijin customizer) but merged weap-armor works fine.

For Merge Esp i recommend this one.

Really good tool.

It show possible files for merge and allow chek for errors before merge and merge automatically.

..Sure people who knows how do it process using tes5snip tes5edit make it better but its takes so long time.. copy check rename..

True but for things like different skin tones between mods being merged, the merge tool will not say there are errors, because there are not errors, conflicts yes but actual errors in the merge no.


And I do use that for merging armor/weapons and such but for npc, you need to make sure that the correct values for the mod you want are the winner, after all it can not tell whether you want the war paint for example from bijinn or wise or warmaidens to be the one used, it will therefore use the last esp loaded in the merge to decide which wins, which may not be the one you want to be used, hence the black faces and other stuff that sometimes pop up.  What you could do is merge all the npc mods into a new one, making sure that the merges name does not conflict with any of those being added into the merge, then load that and all the esps that are merged in it into xedit and check to make sure that the correct records are wining out for the merge, as I said tedious but you should only really need to do it once, unless you change the npc mods your have merged.


Though to be honest I do not tend to merge npc stuff, I just create an overwrite file to make sure that the individual npc use the records from the various re-placers I want to win out do so.

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