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Something De-Buggy Spamming My Console


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I have been trying to work on some tweaks and fine-tuning via console, but have something spamming my console output anywhere between 0.5 - 3.5 seconds with "string count... ", and cannot find the source to disable the console spam. Does anybody know where this could be coming from or how to disable it? 
Example output line:

" String count: 365311 (dec) 0x592ff (hex) "


Example screenshot (cropped):




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After further searching and research on the topic, it seems this is something hard-coded into the Skyrim issue itself, intended to warn of running out of available serializing numbers for new threads. There's a lot of debate on what all contributes to the count, but it's been proven to come from things like individual scripts (whether running or not), new threads generated for each line item and value of every MCM menu, and also for each animation (though still unknown if it's because of the animation itself, any configurations, saved positioning, xml or text used to tag or set up each animation, the scripts to run those animations, or their listing in MCM menus).


In many cases, it seems that any time an MCM option is changed between one save game and another, the newer save retains each change as an additional thread, because the thread ID is serialized and doesn't get recycled, reused, or cleared. Some "Save Game cleaners" can sometimes renumber the threads, to eliminate many that are no longer in use.


So with this information, and the suggestion of keeping unneeded animations disabled, uninstal or do not use any add-on animation packs if not needed or strongly desired, it looks like I'll have to figure out some way to copy every MCM setting/value, write down which animations or anim packs I consider needed or "must have", and then start a new game again, in order to increase overall stability, and keep the thread counts manageable. 
It is also suggested that newer mods, or updates to existing mods which use JContainers to store data and values have a much lower impact on the overall thread counts. 


It's just a shame that many mods will have 75% or more similar options and features, just to get that one or few added features that we want. Redundancy in mod features and settings, is one of the larger contributions to this issue.  [This is just an example, no need to recommend any "does it all" mods] : I've probably got about 3 or 4 different mods that offer theft on defeat, but one handles random attacks based on vulnerability at night and in dangerous places, another is built into a more major mod that is prerequisite or considered a Master to many other mods and add-ons, but doesn't provide random attacks at night or when unarmed, Another works perfectly as far as triggering when it's expected or wanted, but is too limited on what is stolen and generates a quest to recover items, which I don't need or want, and another because none of those provide being tied or bound when/after being robbed. 



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1 hour ago, AgentCarolina said:

Doesn't String Count spam usually indicate your save is corrupting somewhere?

Probably a mod issue. 

It is, but isn't. 
It seems the thread count spam is warning that it is getting near the maximum safe limit of what Skyrim itself can handle. It doesn't exactly mean anything to do with the save file directly, but when it exceeds an amount that the save game file header can handle, the save game file then is considered to be corrupt. 

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