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Cuntboy in games


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Hello, I'm just new here. If my post is not appropriate here then I'm sorry. I'm wandering if there are more kind of games with cuntboy content.


For example(No mod req.): Lilith's Throne and Fenoxo's games.


Mod req. games: Sims 4 and CK2.


Thanks you.

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25 minutes ago, miral29 said:

I only know a little about DA:I. I don't know if it needed a mod or not to enable cunboy content.

There is no mod for any such thing even though there is a nude mod which is not quite anatomically correct. If you would like, you could just claim that all of the men disrobed by it are biologically female. In the base game, there is a character named Krem who is a trans-man, though.

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