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Invisible body after converting bodyslide outfit.


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Hello, I'm fairly new to Skyrim modding and I'm currently trying to convert an outfit to my desired bodyslide shape. I tried to load in the outfit and then the .osp file to adjust the sliders accordingly. However, the body is invisible but the outfit and the outfit appears to be in the right shape I wanted. Am I missing a step here? Any help is appreciated!




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19 minutes ago, AgentCarolina said:

The body doesn't show up because you're only messing around with the outfit.

If you want to change your body type then in body slide you'd choose the body as the thing you're changing.

So no, you haven't missed a step everything is fine

I have to clarify a bit here: The body that I'm referring to is the body inside the outfit, not the nude body.

EDIT: Added screenshot for troubleshooting.


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