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Made for my son, who likes to use the restoration loop, but found he couldn't for some reason on his game.

 A simple mod that adds an Ultimate Enchanting Potion, to the cook pot crafting menu under miscellaneous.

Fortifies enchanting by 175000%

I didn't want to make it completely easy for him,
So to craft it you will need the following: 

3 - Spriggan saps 

3 - Snowberries

3 - Hagraven Claws

1 - Filled Black Soulgem

Only sells for 500 gold.

For those that used the resto loop know what this potion does.

For those that don't..... It allows you to increase enchants on items by a substantial amount. 
Allowing you to create  powerful weapon enchants, smithing gear - which while worn allows you to upgrade armor to powerful defensive capabilities, and alchemy gear - which while worn will allow you to create powerful potions.

So far no negative returns on enchants made with this potion.

Though crafting and potion making is lore friendly the contents on the potion are not.

Should be compatible with anything.


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Yeah I'm aware of that, but him on the other hand knows just enough about tes5edit / sseedit to clean his masters, and nothing with the creation kit. He doesn't want to uninstall his USSEP for fear of his other mods dependent on it, and wont listen to me no matter what I say. So he just asked me to make this for him, since he knows I make small ones for myself, and so I did. Then he asked me to upload it so a few of his friends could get it.

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