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Epic Skyrim Mods - Mara's Island - Episode 10 ?








2.0 build contains LOD!


Start a new adventure. Head on over to the Wind helm dock area. Activate the wheel in one of the ships stationed in the docks. After weeks of sailing the open sea, the player is shipwrecked and lands on an unknown mysterious Island, your whole crew dies in the tragedy. A loving spirit by the name of Razan came to your aid, and rescued you. She kept you safe and warm in her house, and gave you love and care. She brought you back to life. The player awakes in a new exotic, tropical Island. The options are limitless. Discover a new world made from scratch. Join new factions, participate in the civil war brewing between the Restless League and the Southern Water tribe. Build new relationships, feel loved and receive new girlfriends and gifts. Participate in gangs wars, defend the land of the faction you wish to join and much more.

Civil War
The Restless League is a pirate band. They own the north side of the Island in Mara's Island, they are the most powerful and rich gang in Mara's Island, but the years have passed and the Southern Water Tribe has grown very powerful, the Restless League are now getting hammered in Mara's Island, this is where the player shines, Will you help the Restless League and the Northern Fire Tribe expand and take back their land, or will you join their enemy. The Southern Water Tribe and the Northern Fire Tribe don't mix and are at war with each other. The Southern Water Tribe are natives of Mara's Island, they are very poor and most of the members of the gang are hunters, drug dealers, hookers, and much more. They are ruthless but are very loyal. If you get on their good side they will be loyal, but if you get on their bad side, they will prove to be your worse nightmare.

Start a new adventure.
Large Tropical Island.
Main story line to follow.
Solve mysteries, help build Mara's Island.
Join two new factions, The Restless League and the Southern Water Tribe.
Drug Wars, Gangs Wars.
A Civil War is breaking out in Mara's Island.
New Girlfriends.
Build relationships.
More immersion and fun
New books and letters.
Unique quests.
New Custom cave
Wind Chimes
New Beach areas.
New carpets and furniture
Exotic plants and trees.
New exotic foods, grapes, pineapple etc.
New version of Skooma, gives the player a visual effect.
Mara's Island has it's own Climate Settings. The Island glistens.
All crafting stations.
New interiors.
New player home
New player boat, Boat travel within the Island.
Much more.

How do I join the Restless League?
Once you arrive in the Island, the first place you will visit after you get shipwrecked is Razan's house. You must talk to her and agree to help her defeat the Southern Water Tribe, if you don't talk to her or agree to join the Restless League and the Northern Fire Tribe, the Northern Fire Tribe will automatically try to kill you, you must join the guild. To join the guild talk to her Razan and she will offer you a chance to join the guild.

How do I join the Southern Water Tribe?
To Join the Southern Water Tribe, when you visit Farid in his house, instead of killing him, accept his offer.

How do I get to the Tropical Island?
To get to the Island, go the Wind helm dock area, in the ship you will see a wheel, activate and set sail. After months of traveling the open sea you will become shipwrecked and spawn in a new location called The Castaway Peninsula, there you must survive the exotic location and find the nearest refuge.



Main Characters

Razan - Razan is a potential girlfriend. When the player becomes shipwrecked, Razan saves you from drowning. She is the leader of the Restless League in Mara's Island. She came from Stros Mkai in search for a better life and more coin. She brought the customs from Stros Mkai, and couldn't let go of her former association with the Restless League, and decided to start her own chapter in Mara's Island. The Restless League lost much power over the years, as the Southern Water Tribe tripled in power. Desperate for coin and resources they wage war against the most prominent gang in Mara's Island, the Restless League

Nadia - She is Razan's sister. She came from the mainland as well in search for a better life. She is also active in the Restless League. She decides to help her sister rise to power, and take control of the city.

Farid - Farid is the leader of the Southern Water Tribe. He is very ruthless, but also likes to solve things in a diplomatic manner when it's convenient for him. When you meet him, he will invite you to join his the Southern Water Tribe.

Alain - Member of the Restless League, he mostly hangs out in Mara Central, making armor for the Restless League, he was also shipwrecked and lost his whole crew.

Mara - A potential girlfriend. Mara is a Merchant that hangs out by Mara's Harbor. As time progresses she becomes more into the player, if you join the Southern Water Tribe she will hate you and most likely try to kill you.

Sanastasia - Member of the Southern Water Tribe, she works with Jayrod another thug from the Southern Water Tribe. They keep harrasing Razan and send her death threats on occasions. She is also a potential follower if the player decides to join the Southern Water Tribe.

Jayrod - Jayrod is a corrupted high elf. He was shipwrecked on the Island as well. Some say he hit his head, because the shipwreck he was never the same. Jayrod became addicted to Skooma and is very active in the Southern Water Tribe. He has a very strong temper and kills for mere pleasure, many believe that Jayrod lost his mind a long time ago. He has a thing for Razan, and wants Razan to resign and join the Southern Water Tribe, before he kills her. Razan totally blows him off, and denies his invitation, she also refuses to surrender. So Jayrod becomes determined to kill Razan. It's up to the player to save Razan.

Sanushka - She owns a club in The Point. She is also a member of the Southern Water Tribe. If the player joins the Southern Water Tribe she will sell you many things. But if you side with the Restless League, they will attack you the moment you walk into the club.

Zaki - His name means pure. Zaki is a former drug dealer who works for the Southern Water Tribe. He is under direct orders from Farid, which wants him to infiltrate and take over Mara's Key. Zaki is making deals in Mara's Key. He's keeping a very low profile, and sometimes poses as a member of the Restless League. He is destroying Razan and Nadia's drug trade in Mara's Island, he keeps stealing their customers and is distributing skooma at a very high rate. He was also foolish enough to steal from Nadia, Razan's sister. Zaki is a very troubled spirit. He spends his days selling and doing skooma. He also loves to spend his time around women, and visits the club often for a few shots.

Alina - She is a merchant in Mara Central. She sells plenty of fruits and potions.

Lyla - A member of the Northern Fire Tribe. Her whole family was slain by the ruthless tyrant Farid. She hates the Southern Water Tribe. She attends the players private party. She only spawns after you complete certain quests for the Restless League.

Ramzi - Member of the Northern Fire Tribe. Attends the players private party, he is very happy that the player defeated the leader of the Southern Water Tribe.

Nam - She arrives in Mara's Island when the player defeats Farid, the leader of the Southern Water Tribe. She has heard of much about you, and she is willing to follow you. Potential Girlfriend.

Selma - Selma is loyal to the Northern Fire Tribe and hates the Southern Water Tribe, because they are responsible for the death of her parents. She is a hardworking merchant. After the player takes over the point and the Southern Refuge, Selma arrives in Mara's Island. She becomes the main merchant in the pearl.

Rida - She was born in Mara's Island, she is an orphan, she looks for love and attention. She arrives in the Island after the player defeats Farid.

Jason - A Southern Water Tribe thug, he stole a shipment from Mara. He is hiding in a cave in Mara Central. He is very powerul and controls the underground area in Mara Central. He wants to take over Mara's Key.




Mara Central - Mara Central is the center of the Island, where everyone on the Island comes to the market, to get new supplies, others come for entertainment. Mara Central is controlled by the Restless League, the Southern Water Tribe keep assaulting Mara Central, and won't rest until they conquer the district.

Mara's Key - Mara's Key is where many natives live. It's also the center of Mara's Island. The area belonged to the Restless League, but the Southern Water Tribe, keep trying to take control.

Sapphire Beach - One of the most beautiful beaches in Mara's Island. It's currently controlled by the Restless League, but gang members die every week defending the beach. The Restless League needs a new hero to help control the area. 

The Southern Refuge - This turf belongs to the Southern Water Tribe and it's where the gang originated from. Tired of looking up and depending on the Restless League and their imports from Hammer fell, they decided to rebel against the hand that fed them, to take control of the land. They got so greedy, that they declared war with them after a former thug, named Farid rose to power and raised a small army.

South Port - The Southern Port. Where many boats and ships land.

Bamboo Forest - Small Forest covered with bamboos.North Point - This is where many Islanders come to have a good time, go out fishing, socialize, or simply relax by the beaches that surround the point.

The Pearl - A beautiful beach, owned by the Southern Water Tribe, The point and the Pearl onced belonged to the Restless League, but a wave of thugs from the Southern Water Tribe went to war with the Restless League, and took over the point and the pearl. located in the North side of Mara's Island.

Red Wood Cave - A cave in Mara Central. It's a local hideout for thugs.




The Restless League - The Restless League is a band of pirates. Razan came from Stros M'kai and started her own chapter in Mara's Island, she brought her customs and culture to the tropical Island. Razan seen that starting the Restless League in Mara's Island would be of great benefit. The Restless League once ruled Mara's Island, but they slowly grew careless, and started to party more, while their enemies lurked around in the shadows and grew stronger.

The Southern Water Tribe - The Southern Water Tribe is the most powerful gang in Mara's Island. They are natives of the land, they are ruthless, vicious and very greedy. They we're once united with the Northern Fire Tribe and the Restless League, but they grew wicked and greedy. The gang was started by a rebel named Farid. After the Restless League helped them and fed them, the natives of the south wanted more, and got tired of receiving mere crumbs. They wanted the whole pie so they decided to go to war with the Restless League to gain it all.

The Northern Fire Tribe - The Northern Fire Tribe has been getting hammered by the Southern Water Tribe, they decided to join the Restless League together they plan on defeating the Southern Water Tribe.




2. Disruption
I have been shipwrecked, I somehow survived. It appears I'm in a tropical rain forest. I was nearly lifeless but a loving spirit took me into her house and healed me. I told her if I could do anything to help her, and she said that the Southern Water Tribe took over the Point. Razan wants it back. I have decided to join the Restless League and take control of the point. To take control of the point I need to take out Jayrod, the High Elf who lead the attack.

2. Joining The Southern Water Tribe (Optional) 
To Join the Southern Water Tribe, you must take out Razan the leader of the Restless League. The Leader of the Southern Water Tribe is hiding in South port. Near the Southern Refuge.

3. Nadia's Revenge
I have met Razan's sister, Nadia. Some thugs from the Southern Water Tribe, have harassed Razan and Nadia, the thugs also stole a big drug shipment. Nadia wants me to retrieve it. The drug dealer is hiding in Mara's Key.

4. Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You.
Farid was once a loyal member of the Restless League. Farid grew wicked and decided to bite the hand that fed him and his entire village in the Southern part of the Island. He wanted power, and more riches. He decided to go to war with the Restless League and formed his own gang, the Southern Water Tribe. He has placed a bounty on Razan now. Things are getting hairy in Mara's Island. I have agreed to take out Farid, as he has gone too far.

5. Private Party
The Restless League and the Northern Fire Tribe are celebrating in the pearl. Razan told me to attend the party. The main reason they are celebrating is because I killed Farid the leader of the Southern Water Tribe. 

6. Mara's Request
A Southern Water Tribe drug dealer stole a shipment from Mara, she wants you to retrieve it. The Thief is hiding in Red Wood Cave.



DJ Red Rad made a few tracks for Mara's Island, he agreed to keep making more tracks for upcoming projects, we also use music from other authors like Vinsdsvept who kindly give permission, thanks you guys.



Mara's Island contains it's own unique climate. The sun begins to rise around 6am. In Skyrim the sun begins to set at around 4pm. That is really low for a tropical Island, so we decided to spice things up and tweak up the climate in Mara's Blessing.

Note From CyberNetwork
We have had fun crafting Mara's Island and hope you enjoy the mod. We are very happy to share this mod with you. Voice actors are welcomed. - CyberNetwork.

Note me and the other mod author's of this mod have received permission to use certain asset's from other modders, via chat. I, Nina Sky have spoken directly with MannyGT. You can't use any of the asset's used in this mod. you must ask proper permission to the rightful owners. Most of the resources used in the mod are free modder's resources, and exclusive and limited permission was given



This mod should be compatible with all mods.
Mara's Island has it's own LOD settings.
Mara's Island has it's own climate settings.
This mod will not cause bugs or ruin your save games.
No new save game is required.

This mod is free from copy righted content, We are a modding group and all rights have been reserved, permission has been granted to use the custom asset's, we have received permission from MannyGT himself via chat. We are working together to create big projects only. We don't use any asset's in which we don't have permission or aren't free modder's resource. 

Credits/Hall of Fame

MannyGT - Modding resources, ruins, buildings etc. (I have spoken with MannyGT personally. Thank you MannyGT.  - CyberNetwork
CD Projekt & Oaristys- Modding resources
Ladyonthemoon - Level of detail expert thank you for showing us how to understand and generate LOD.
Vindsvept - For the custom soundtrck http://vindsvept.com/
bfadragon - For the resource extra food. Wonderful, thank you.
CAD345 - For The Airship. Big thanks.
MuppetPuppet - Modding resources, thank you.
Tamira - Modding resources, tropical plants, palm trees, flowers, etc
Stroti - Modding resources, Aladdin's lamp etc.
MJY - The Author of the mysterious Island, Modding resources. Thank you MJY.
Blackflag & Hyperactivechild - Landscape Textures
Yuril - Various Barrels, modding resources
Markus Liberty (Tellmann) - for the modelling and texturing Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource 
1shoedpunk - for assisting in merging collisions for the rowboats
Celtic Decor for Skyrim I by DarkRider 
Wicker Set by Garnet 
edhildil - For the Camel resource, thank you.
Ghosus - For the custom axe.
TesTiger - Royal Redguard Armor, Modding resources. Thank you.
Antony Bellingham

(If you think you belong in the hall of of fame, please let us know, and we will place your name in the hall of fame.)

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