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Addicted to Skyrim ? Episode 9 - Epic Skyrim Mods ?


Working on a new guild! Epic Upcoming Mod - The Forsworn Guild - Looking For New Voice Actors! Planning to release this mod December 2017!


This mod is a request for a friend, who wanted me to pimp out Serana. It's a standalone replacer for Serana. It contains custom hd hair, new skin textures etc. I will keep making mods, The Forbidden Island and Mara's Cove is coming 2018. I will also make new joinable factions soon such as the Forsworn, Red Sabre Pirates, Silver hand etc. Stay tuned !

This mod is free from copy righted content, DJ Red Rad is partnered with the Union for gamers and likes to keep a professional status. DJ would never steal someone else's work. DJ spoke personally with many talented artists and mod authors. Some of the mod authors in which DJ spoke with personally are MannyGT, Tamira, Zzjay, MJY and many more. DJ has received exclusive permission to use many assetts, the rest are free modding resources.

SG Female Texture Renewal by Hello Santa
CBBE - Caliente Donate
KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic

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Hi DJ RedRad


I've activated your island mods and I'm angry about your "starting points", why are you always changing them. I am German and my English skills are not good and I have no desire to ponder for hours after I have a mod of yours on the pc as I come to an island. So I'll disable all your "islands" and wait until you offer a solution that a non-English speaking player understands too.

Best regards:


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