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Camilla Valerius Suddenly appears!

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I have a whole load of player characters running in parallel -- at various stages of the game and different levels etc. Since yesterday Camilla Valerius has suddenly started appearing in the games of a few of these PCs. She appears right where the PC is and bumps the PC slightly out of the way. Initially she is clothed, but then her clothes disappear and from then on she is naked (No, this is not some weird dream). Every couple of seconds she disappears and immediately reappears where the PC is standing. I tried half a dozen different saves for one PC and Camilla appeared in all of them -- even a very early save from weeks ago -- so she appears to have associated herself with the PC, not the game. Only a few of my characters have the Camilla problem. I have hundreds of mods sloshing around in my game, so it is possible that one of them is causing this, but I haven't added anything for a couple of days so it doesn't seem to be a consequence of a new install (and anyway it's only a few of my many PCs and not even always the most recently played ones).


If anyone is familiar with this and/or has a fix (console, mod, voodoo, or any other kind), I would be extremely grateful.



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The cause appears to be Ambriel. I said that I hadn't added anything for a few days, but I had deleted half a dozen follower mods. I reinstalled them one at a time and found that, for me, uninstalling Ambriel was the cause of the random Camilla Valerius syndrome. So it looks like Ambriel now has a permanent place in my list.

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