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Let sims wear their assigned CAS outfits instead of weird situational one, please.


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Hi everybody


Many of you may have noticed that since the last updates of the game, the NPCs visit the nightclubs dressed in very ridiculous ways, with hats, glasses, suits and dresses that look like they came out of a circus... well, here is a thread where this supposed bug is commented and I said supposed because EA has commented in that thread that this a modification made with all the intention not a bug.




You can imagine the indignation that this affirmation has generated in the thread........ 




Fortunately, there is already a mod that makes the NPCs stop going ridiculous at night clubs and dressing up in party outfit. At least it's customizable.
Here's the link of the mod.....




We all hope that EA will react well and correct this kind of nonsense in future updates so that we can remove the mod.




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I'd noticed this too, it's very annoying! EA added this feature when city living was introduced and all Sims including mine would turn up in hideous themed outfits, not sure why they added that to nightclubs too :confused:

Thanks for sharing this, was gonna go hunting but you saved me some time!

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