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[Request]Updated SSE Fixes by Meh321 for 1.5.16


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Hello, I am looking for an updated version of SSE Fixes by Meh321 (The guy from Crash Fixes, Lip sync and Bug fixes for Oldrim) for SkyrimSE 1.5.16, since the version on Nexus is not yet updated (and meh321 has stated that he will be quite busy ), and apparently someone already found the adresses which have been changed from 1.5.3 ->1.5.16, but I lack the technical expertie to recompile from source (don't know much for C++).


Taken from comments on the mod page

By aers from Nexus


edit: Fixed a mistake in my list
Disclaimer: Only do this if you have some idea of what you're doing.

If you're willing to edit the source code yourself and compile the dll, here's a full list of the offsets that changed from 1.5.3 -> 1.5.16:

changed by 0x80

153 0x192105 1516 0x192185
153 0x194300 1516 0x194380
153 0x194A18 1516 0x194A98
153 0x1957B2 1516 0x195832
153 0x195887 1516 0x195907
153 0x4A82B0 1516 0x4A8330

changed by 0x14B0

153 0xC007F2 1516 0xC01CA2
153 0xC04B50 1516 0xC06000
153 0xC05910 1516 0xC06DC0
153 0xC05930 1516 0xC06DE0
153 0xC059B0 1516 0xC06E60
153 0xC05A40 1516 0xC06EF0
153 0xC05AB0 1516 0xC06F60
153 0xC05BA0 1516 0xC07050
153 0xC05BF0 1516 0xC070A0
153 0xC05C00 1516 0xC070B0
153 0xC05C30 1516 0xC070E0
153 0xC05CA0 1516 0xC07150
153 0xD408A0 1516 0xD41D50

changed by 0xC010

153 0x1E272F8 1516 0x1E33308

changed by 0xCA00

153 0x1EDD238 1516 0x1EE9C38
153 0x1EDD6D0 1516 0x1EEA0D0

Some of them are used multiple times so change them all. You can use Visual Studio 2017 to compile just fine, using Release x64 profile. 

If this is all arcane nonsense to you just wait for meh321 to find the time to update it himself. I'm not going to provide a compiled version.

Note also that while I have tested this a little bit I haven't tested it extensively; at a glance there didn't appear to be any changes to the code this plugin is modifying, so it should work with just proper offset changes.
edit - Quick Guide:

1) grab visual studio community if you dont already have visual C++ in some form; you can probably compile it with other compilers but I figure anyone who knows how to do that doesn't need a guide
2) install it picking the visual C++ option
3) download the v3 source code and open the project file in visual studio
4) edit->find and replace->find in files
5) search for all the "153" offsets and replace them with the "1516" ones. that is, search for "0x192105" and replace it with "0x192185". some appear multiple times so keep hitting find until it doesnt find anything.
6) choose "Release" and "x64" from the dropdowns that default to Debug/32, then Build -> Build Solution, the dll will be in x64/Release/ folder


The source code can be obtained also fro mthe mod page (Optional Downloads)

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