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Multiverse of HENTASIA - 3D Exploration RPG (v0.1a)

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Hentasia is a rule34 friendly rpg game, in which you basically explore different places to bring H-eroines back to a 'Temple' to have sex with them. The aim is to reach a very big amount of heroines, as well as improving the gameplay.

The development is on-going, and supported on Patreon.

You can get the Public build, more info, or support here : https://www.patreon.com/Hentasia

Current test version for patrons :


Release Notes v.0.110a 01/04/2018 :


-New world : Finished with full H-eroines

-Game difficulty balance tuned down for test

-H sound/voice improved

-H option added : Make guy transparent

-H option added : Clothes on/off

-H scene camera has free translating movement


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