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[REQUEST] "Family Jewels" Pregnancy Tallying Mod

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I think it would be cool if there was a more artistic and poetic way of keeping track of past sexual encounters that resulted in pregnancies. I'm disappointed with the Sex Diary built into Sexlab. If I recall correctly, the pregnancy list clears after a while once your/the character "gives birth." (I could be totally wrong on that; I have not tested it in a while, I just remember that happening once.)


So, I had the idea for a mod that would add a named gemstone (sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc) to the inventory of a female character upon being impregnated. A script could name the gems based on who "gives" it. (i.e., "Emerald from Vilkas" or "Sapphire of Veezara.") The mod would be titled, as is this request, "Family Jewels" with a caption "Something to remember him by."

This would be a cool and immersive (more than using MCM menus at least) way to allow players to tally or even "collect" pregnancies. Like, if you're playing as a female character, you could over time have an inventory of jewels and gems as "mementos" of past flings. And if you're playing as a male, you could pickpocket peek into a female NPC's inventory (look up her skirt? xD) and see the gem added to her with your [character's] name on it and be like "Yup, I gave that to her."

Basically this would work similar to Soulgem Oven, only instead of incubating soulgems, its sole purpose is providing an instant "proof of knock up" receipt that one can keep and add to their collection. In the form of shiny cut rocks.^^

Maybe I'll try to make this mod myself if I can find the time? It wouldn't need any custom animations, meshes, or textures, so it's really just a coding mod. Nonetheless I know very little about scripting for Skyrim and I have side projects going on in my personal life that take priority. Hence, I am posting this here for anyone that wants to take a crack at it if it sounds like a good idea. (Just credit me if so. :grin: )

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