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What default nude skins is best


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Want a default skin with cleavage, cannot seem to find one, cmar's does not have cleavage but seems to be the only one I can get to work in the game without bra and panties showing up, would like to use Better Bodies but I do not want to sacrifice the bouncing breasts, seems like a step backwards. IO have scoured my mods several times and cannot find a default nude skin other than the new ones I have tried, and then removed as none of them show up as nude when no clothes are present? What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

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I would love a mesh with cleavage, not an overlay, but I believe he is using wild guys stuff, which is great but I cannot use Better Bodies for some reason or Wild Guys stuff without cmars nude tops and bottoms installed as well, otherwise have bra's and panties, have removed all other default skins the rest are overlays. are there files lurking somewhere possibly that are not in the mods folder causing this issue?


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