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CBBE not saving my built slider/body preset

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I recently reinstalled Skyrim and have started modding again, however, I seem to be having issues with CBBE.
I made a custom body with sliders and built it like I have done heaps of times - however, once I reopen it and preview it, it's back to the default.
Now I can not build clothes to the body as it is always the default, no matter how many times I keep changing the sliders and building it.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

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On 11/25/2017 at 9:12 AM, jAudi5K said:

This has happened to me. I noticed when I saved that it wasn't saving to the bodyslide preset folder, it was saving to the folder for Fallout 4 instead of Skyrim. When you go to save the preset make sure it's putting the preset in the right folder. 

THANKS that is the problem, I hope I will never forget it again

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