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Tracking down f4se issues


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Hello My question is how to go about tracking down a F4SE issue.


I can start the game via f4se and play for a while until seemingly randomly I will CTD approaching new area like Olivia Satellite base or Sanctuary. If I start the game via the normal f4 exe I can play normally aside from everything needing f4se screaming about that its missing. I have noted that I will still get a CTD randomly but only after much longer (2-3 hours play time) and not sure if this is related to mods erroring out when looking for f4se.


I have reinstalled Fallout and played with only f4se and no other mods (Very boring and very annoying) and gotten the same random CTD or worse a CTD seconds after the lift out of Vault 111 stops at the surface. (I should note that female characters crashed even before reaching that point while the lift is still moving up while male characters lasted a bit longer)


I feel like at this point I know its a f4se issue and not a issue with any other mods but since repeated reinstalls of f4se have failed to fix this I don't know how to further track down what is causing the crashes.


I would be grateful for what ever help I can get.

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