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[Sims 4] CSV - Celebrities 3.0

Mamba 101

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CSV - 3.0


* Added Selena Gomez to the Featured Section (9 Celebs)


Selena Gomez




WW compatible test photo





Had to check twice & make sure tho!!






You can see all of the Featured Celebrities through my website CSV (I'll always update the list for you guys whenever I add new Models)


You can find all the Exclusive Celebrities here @patreon (and I'm always adding new Models - Just getting started here)



* Exclusive update 11-19 (40 Celebs)


Julia Roberts












Lena Headey












* Families added (4 Families)


* Upcoming Celebs


Maisie Williams










Sophie Turner









Emilia Clarke









Miley Cyrus


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Thanks rx thats really nice of you to say man, that means alot!


... Asians are a little tricky to get right but I was happy with my Lucy Liu, so I did make a few other ones that I'm definetly going to get out soon.. I'm actually familiar with alot of Japanese actresses but theyre not really "known" here in the west, more so in Asia obviously..... but who did you have in mind man??

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Thanks Robbie, I try to keep the featured ones interesting for you guys, so I'm glad you like them! ... and yes my plan is to always keep populating the free section everytime I upload new models. I try to upload 3 or more Patreon models for every 1 new free one, so I'll definitely always keep bringing over models for you guys...


Suggestions are definitely allowed too. On my website CSV I have a section where you can vote/request for new girls & also vote for who you want the next free model to be..


You can email your list to me from there if you want ~ I'm always interested to know who you guys want made so no problem at all!

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