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Need help with some bodysliders ("No game data on top level" in Skyrim Mod Organizer)


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I'm trying to get these 3 mods to work in Skyrim Mod Organizer.


Bodyslide and Outfit Studio: This one I'm able to install just fine with the organizer.



Now these additions to it, becomes a problem...


Bodyslide: Extra Sliders: No game data on top level.



BodySlide slider - Thighs: No game data on top level.



Bodyslide Outfits and Mods: No game data on top level...



I basically try to install them from the desktop as rar files but there is something wrong with the load order or whatever the technical term is.

Can you guys help me get these mods installed?

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These three additional packages are really really old. Are you sure that you want to install them? Because I read stuff like Bodyslide 1.0.1 there, lol. :grin:


Anyway, if you really must install this old stuff then take this here:

Bodyslide Stuff.7z

Now unpack it (don't worry, it's just folders with no files inside to give you the correct folder structure) and then search these Bodyslide addons that you mentioned up there for the following three folders:





Overwrite the empty folders inside the package I provided with them. After you are done with all three mods repack the whole thing (the now no more empty CalienteTools folder and the meshes folder which is still empty). Then load that as a new mod in MO. The empty meshes folder makes sure that you don't get that "no game data at top level" error message anymore.

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I get it, we all started from scratch. ;)


Atm I don't have any suggestions other than not using outdated mods just because they worked fine years ago.

But I don't know enough about the ones you mentioned up there. Maybe these slider addons still work fine with the latest Bodyslide versions.

I would definitely check if there are more up to date versions for the outfits in that CB++ mod though.

Even the mod description mentions that it's made redundant now:


CB++ is now a part of BodySlide by Caliente, which is available here:



So I think I indeed have a suggestion: Always read the descriptions and readme files of the mods that you're installing. ;P

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No game data on top level just means there is no BSA or ESP file in the data... this is normal for bodyslide files as they go into caliente tools.... just continue the install and it will appear as a partially grayed out plugin in MO.  You must still check it on and it should appear in your bodyslide date whenever you load it as long as it is below bodyslide.  Alternatively you can just add the files directly into your bodyslide folder and merge the two... but I don't really recommend that because you end up overwriting things if you don't pay attention.


After you install it this way.... you can double click the grayed out folder and you will see that the data is there.

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