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Changing Armor Slots with CK and Nifskope


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I seem to recall there was a much more robust tutorial on how to do this on youtube, but I can't find it. 


So, I'm attempting to make the Merta Assasin's Leggings not take up the boots slot.


In CK, I've gone to both the Armor and the Addonarmor sections and changed the armor slots to 49. I saved the .esp and built the archive which I then copied over the old one with.


I opened the armor in nifscope and changed the BSDismemberSkinInstance partition for the only body part listed to 49. I saved this as well. 


When I launch the game and equip the item, however, it does not show up on my character, so clearly I missed something somewhere. I could have sworn there was more than one place I had to change the body slot in nifskope but I can't remember and the tutorial I found doesn't seem complete. 



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For me what i do is :


Go in tesedit and change the armor slot at armor and armor addon then i save esp


And then i go change the meshes 0 and 1 in nikskope and change BSDismemberskinintance for each partition



Slot 49 if you use Devious Devices is the chastity belt slot maybe it's check underneath 32 so you wouldnt see it when fully dressed


Maybe i would change it for slot 38 or 40


Hope it helps

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9 hours ago, RW311 said:

Was it originally using foot slot for mesh, or the body part flags making the foot hidden?  You could wear boots or edit the texture to hide the foot part of the stocking.

Seems that way, yes.


Well, the whole point in this exercise was just as you suggest, to be able to wear boots over them when running around... but also to be able keep the leggings on and take the boots off during sexlab scenes. 

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Hi! I tried to change an outfit piece from the body slot 32, to  slot 57. I changed both the armor addon and armor slot to 57 in Tes5edit, saved the esp, and edited the mesh in nifskope. I expanded all partitions to slot 57 and saved but for some reason, my armor has clipping and seems to have to bodies attached at once. If it helps, i also built the outfit in bodyslide to match the body and I think that has something to do with the body clipping through the armor. 


Any idea of how to do this correctly so i don't get any clipping or invisible mesh in game? It's really bugging me since I've tried to use all the tutorials i could find on this topic and still have issues in game. 

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