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Textures Question

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This is kind of a noob level question, BUT most of the videos and pages I'm finding on converting mods to SE are leaving out little bits and pieces here and there.  I'm trying to jump around to get a complete picture.  Overall I've apparently got it down.  Both my mods are now converted successfully.


What I'm trying to figure out is the TGA files.  Most sources say they don't work in SE and that they have to be converted to DDS.  Here's the part that's confusing me though.  My Sentries mod has TGA AND DDS files in the exported facegen folder, with the same names:  One TGA and one DDS each with the same name .  This is before I even try any conversions or re-exporting of the facegen data.  Anybody know what the deal is there?  I'm not sure if I should delete and re-export, leave as is or what.  Either way I seemed to have issues getting my mod converted.


Is there a good FREE program to bulk convert TGAs also?  I may need one if I convert other mods for personal use.



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