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[WIP] Fallout 4 Debauchery Resurrected + Companion Mod


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" If the player were to attack and kill their master, then the chest becomes inaccessible forever. "


Minus this part it looks good. Forcing the player in a semi-sandbox game to stick to a set of randomized rails with no other option is a bit fucked up to me (Bethesda did this in the base game and it is annoying as hell). Having the chest be accessible even when the 'master' is alive but the items reassigned as the 'master's' property thus stealing (with applicable violent repercussions) as long as the 'master' is still alive would allow a roleplay of what you're intending with out forcing it.

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I am by far not an expert on the creation kit, but some things that might be of help.


1.  If you have programming experience, learning the scripting should be fairly quick.  I would just look at some of the vanilla scripts and some of the scripts of the mods here to get yous started.

2.  https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Main_Page is wiki for the creation kit, it has some tutorials, but its most helpful when you want to know what functions an object has.  

3.  From you design doc, it sounds like you will probably need to get deep into how the quest object works.  It is a bit painful to work with in my opinion, but I think most of what you want to do will require fairly complicated quests.  I have only scratched the surface with it, so I don't have much advice for getting started outside I know there are some tutorials out there if you do a google search.


Overall, I would take a look at some of the mods that do similar things to what you are looking at to get an idea of how creation kit works.

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On 11/17/2017 at 10:07 PM, Vuulgar said:

This sounds great! Could you please take a look at https://www.loverslab.com/topic/87629-wip-rse-reprodutive-system-effects-a-fp-consequences-mod/ and Family Planning Enhanced to make everything compatible? Thanks for your efforts!

Thanks for the plug buddy! :) And yes, should the OP wish to utilize RSE in some way, it is driven by global variable, so tying into RSE events is entirely possible.

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On 11/29/2017 at 6:25 PM, YuriSwine said:

I mean I like it...but why can't I also be a permanent obedient slut or whatever my master wants.  Why can I not willing an openly embrace the lifestyle.  Unless I missed something in there.  

From what I understand it's only at the beginning where you can't be too obedient? Cuz the slaver wants the fun of breaking you in I guess. 


Don't get why the slaver would kill you for being too obedient though. Maybe either get bored of you and toss you in a cage where you have to wait an in game day? (you can sleep in a dirty mattress to make the time go by) or instead maybe just get it over with and just fuck you and then ditch you somewhere. The people being submissive as possible emmediately are the same people wanting to cut to the chase anyway xb

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On 12/19/2017 at 2:43 AM, druidpeter said:

It's not so much that the masters don't *want* the player to be too obedient. Rather, by being too obedient, the master will realize they have absolute control and will accelerate their cruelty too fast, getting carried away and killing the player much faster. All master/slave relationships within this mod will end in snuff if lived out to their ultimate conclusion. This is partly to prevent the game play from becoming stale, and also to allow for some tricks that make the NPCs appear more intelligent than they really are.


UPDATE: I know I haven't made any comments on this thread, folks. I'm currently otherwise tied down with obligations, and will not even start on this mod until next year. Just letting you guys know. Thank you.

Does that mean you've started now? 
Looks great btw. 

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Mods where instead of dying, you get raped and left for dead make sense to me. Slavery mods introduce a more intense version of this situation, but seem hamstrung by basic psychology.


As a player, I may have no choice in the matter, but I can't see myself not wanting to escape. If this means lying, acting, or other forms of manipulation to save my skin I get this. I tried this in Skyrim and never found myself running out to voluntarily get enslaved. When it did happen, escape was all I could think about.... the slavery mod almost became an inconvenience.


Maybe these type mods aren't for me, but I always thought I'd enjoy a 'mini-game' where I'm at the mercy of a deviant while looking for moments of opportunity to make my break. If these situations take too long then I tend to just load a previous save and move on. Having a collar like the Nuka-World slaves have isn't an issue, as long as that opportunity presents itself occasionally. Some kind of 'bonus' for sticking it out a little longer may be an incentive to 'stick around' longer, but turning a play through into a slave simulator isn't what would appeal to myself.


Reading other posts shows me others have varying degrees of time commitment they'd be willing to allow their character to remain in this state. As a player, it's not feasible for me to expect a game mod to 'break' me. I'm on the outside looking in, as it were. While I enjoy role play a good amount - it gives purpose to choices games like this offer - it's important to meet several criteria the difference in players would bring. If I enjoy the mod too much, it's not really 'slavery' IMO.


Things to do while in this state would really make a difference in how long someone would be willing to forego the game as is. Forced marches for prostitution, is one that makes sense which goes along with being a reward for other enemies whom 'prove' themselves to your 'owner'. The title 'master' shows a mental state I just can't see myself adopting. If a mod could get you to 'sandbox' a little, using items like NPC's do for a set amount of time, then I feel the role play would be better suited.... go work a garden for a few hours, cook at a stove/etc for a while - not actually crafting anything per se, but going through the motions, watching your captives, looking for that moment of opportunity. Being verbally abused in between chores and the ever present sexual favors would seem to round out a day in the life of a 'slave'.


Just my $.02

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