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Request: Gasmask / oxygen mask mod

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I posted this, but it got killed off in the move to the new site (thanks guys...) so I am reposting here:


I am a useless modder, mod maker and 3D artist. So bad, I can't even put a texture on a rifle.


The half masks and gasmasks in game are low poly, low resolution and clichéd. I've a bit of a thing for a good oxygen mask with long snaky hoses (  :blush: ) !

I had a look around to see if there are any good mods but I'm disappointed in what's available. There is one polished latex gasmask kit that is around, so I know about that.

I also know about the Gasmasks of the Commonwealth mod but that's a game-play change that is based on Metro and it offers too much of a play-through change for me.


This is the sort of thing, here are some pics  https://postimg.org/gallery/2a9b8zjna/ .


Would a modder out there be willing / interested in creating some masks along these lines to be standalone (or replacers or both)? And wrap them up in a little ESP to pop them in game? Assume create with the Chem station and link up to in-game scuba tanks / chem suits.  It would be cool to get a decent 2k - 4k finish with detailed parts, straps, hoses, and suitable glossy / matte finishes.  An ultimate would be an animated rebreathing bag...


Well, I'll leave this here in case anyone is interested.


In hope, thanks.



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