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Help about textures.


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Hi. I watch youtube to learn how to create mesh and i learn it(but still noob) my problem is i dont know on how to create the textures. Do i need to export the mesh Uv layout then photoshop them? What about the blue colored textures in tmcl how did you guys do that? Can you please teach me the step by step on how to create textures for doa5lr game. If my post isnot allowed here please delete it. Sorry for my poor english btw..

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Obviously if you export the UV it will help you to draw over it to know the limits.

Now you can also do the opposite and directly adapt your UV on the texture in Blender in UV Mode.

It's up to you to find what is more confortable / easy to you.


The blue textures is the Normal Map who give relief on your texture.

For doa5lr it need to be in a specific option for skin (only) with Nvidia setting but don't aks to me I'm not using it.

If it's not for skin then you can just save it as a DXT1 it's enough.

You can create it in various way, always use your diffuse to create it first and use a paint software or an external website to make it.


And then you'll also need a specular map, most of them are black but you can experiment anything here and get some reflection of colors.


There are not so much modders left so asking for a tutorial or step by step...

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Well, most of modders left for another game yes.

Feel free to ask any others questions anyway, it's just that when I see a new thread for question there are almost no one who reply nowaday or with approximate answer.

Regarding your question about texture I forgot to say all textures need to be in .dds format, honestly making a step by step is not the end of the world it just require time to screen, text and make the tutorial -time that I have less than before sadly.

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