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Vidi Vici Veni [FO3/NV]


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Hey, it's Belthan and please pardon the double post but I wasn't sure if anybody would care in the FO4 forum or even know who I was so I'm posting the same desperate cry for help here. Er... ish, I mean that in the literal sense, not the "whaaanh I'm a baby" sense.


Anyway (and here's where the cut an paste starts) I'm kind of ashamed to be asking for help here after being so NSFW in only the ways approved by the nexus but here I am anyway. So here's the thing. I've been instructed by the mods on nexus that I can't solicit compensated help to finish Vidi Vici Veni.


The problem is, I hate Fallout 4. I replayed it multiple times because I wanted it to be great, but the more I played the less I liked it. At this point, don't try to convince me that I should like it, and I won't try to convince you that you shouldn't. I got physically sick just loading the game to test the handful of mods I made for it. I don't want to disappoint fans of Quo Vagis and Coito Ergo Sum, but I can't continue to compromise my health. I uninstalled the game and the CK. So, if Vidi, Vici, Veni is going to get made, it will have to be made by someone other than me.


Perfect world, an army of volunteers would rush to my aid and clamor for the privilege of participating. Yes, my ego is as bad as it sounds. :) Real world, I scraped nickels and dimes together to be able to hire Courtenay and Brian. I contacted their agents. I know their rates. It was pricey, but it wasn't un-doable. But I was told that nothing would happen without permission from Bethsoft. I tried to contact Bethsoft thru every possible channel and got nothing. Not even the common courtesy of a "hell no". So, real world, I have a pretty hefty bag of caps that I'm willing to throw at people who can get shit done for the fans.

What I will do:

Serve as creative consultant for the mod
Provide plot outline for main quests and all of my notes on backstory of Lolipopz and associated NPCs
Write dialogue for principal characters
Record voice actors who are in geographic proximity to my studio (including Jeff and Krista)

What I can't do

Anything that requires the game or CK

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Belthan you are one of the few mod authors who would actually cause me to go out and buy a game, just to access your mod.


I hope for all our sakes you do find a new game you enjoy and enjoy making mods for. Doesn't have to be Bethesda, but I don't know of any other good choices.


Add me to your list of people willing to help you test or dialog check - in any game.

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