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[SEARCH] Skyrim Mod like MGQ and modpacks available?

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Monster Girl Quest is a RPG-based game, in which you take the role of a hero who has to fight against enemies and free the world. However if you lose a fight, enemies take sexual and dominant advantage of you - harvesting your willpower, your life essence and abusing you to death.

Is there a similar mod for Skyrim? Such as forced rape that reduce your combat level, EXP, skill points or kill you ultimately...?



Other than that, there are so many mods here and it is really hard to overview all of them.


Is there a mod pack to install all necessary sex mods at once? Thank you very much for your help.


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MGQ is a very long, very involved game! Unfortunately, there are very few monster girls in skyrim, and adding custom races is very very complicated since they need new skeletons and animations.


So, short answer is no, nothing similar.


There are a TON of mods though. I know there are tutorial threads that can help, but with the frequent updates many mods see would quickly make a mod pack obsolete.


Start with the basics. FNIS (fores new idles) SKSE (skyrim script extender) and then branch out into Sexlab, Devious devices, etc. boot up skyrim after each mod. Make sure it's still starting before proceeding. There are a lot of mod dependencies that have to be in place! It could take a solid day of installing mods before things start to work, but once it's up and running it's much easier to maintain.

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