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Invisible Khajiit Bandits


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Currently trying to root out a few oddities that have popped up in my last few playthroughs, and I remembered that on multiple occasions, I'd ended up fighting a Khajiit bandit that was completely invisible. Some mod must have made a dirty edit to the Khajiit bandit NPC records, but that means it could be anything in my massive load order. While I attempt to find the culprit, has anyone else struggled with and discovered the cause of these phantom felines?

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game pick dragon z from template y

dragon z it's a dragon from high level npc (the stuff that was put in the save, it's still there)


dragon x is a default race (maleheadnord and maleeyenord), with wornarmor skindragonsomething

defaultrace can wear skindragon, it can wear everything

skindragon have bone leftwing, tail, jaw...

default race skeleton don't have some of those bones

-> ctd


floating head it's the default race templates

invisible it's the fox race templates


bet that invisible khajit it's a female khajit add by mod x, that you have uninstall

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