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Couple of questions regarding save bloat.


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Your question's kind of focusing on the wrong target. "Save bloat" doesn't just mean your save is big - the older your save is, and the more mods you have in that save, the bigger it's naturally going to be. Bloat happens when something's causing your save to be even bigger than it should be, usually because assets or scripts aren't being cleaned up or removed as they were intended to, leading to tons of potentially harmful data bogging you down and causing problems.

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1- At what size are saves typically considered bloated?


2- At what size do saves become unusable?


Thanks guys.

What Mud said above is right. My saves are 28mb in size each. Yes, 28mb. Everything works just fine.

Save Bloat is not about the size of your saves, it's about the errors accumulating on them. These errors are often orphaned scripts caused by mod installation/removal malpractice.

I've also heard it was good practice to always save in a new slot rather than overwrite an old save file to further prevent bloating but I'm not sure if this is true. Regardless, it's easy to do so I just do it. I think it's why modders often instruct us to make clean saves when trying to fix problems.

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