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So I'm not sure whats causing this..


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I just started modding a couple of days ago, installed all of my sexlab content today. I have this issue where, while naked, part of my characters arms and all of her breasts are constantly visible through any surface, including their own body or other entities.


I've tried reinstalling cbbe as well as a few other mods but that doesn't seem to change anything.


My mods are:

Animation Improvements for weapons

FNIS V7 and V7 XL

New Animation for Magic Casting

True Spear Combat

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

Realistic Ragdolls and Force

Papyrus Util

One Tweak

Show Race Menu Precache Killer


Vanilla Outfis Body Slided

Sexlab Framwork V162 Full


Becoming Futanari v0.4.0

Customizable Camera

BodySlide and Outfit Studio (I was dicking around in here which may have caused some issues, but I didn't notice any until I installed sexlabs)

Safety Load

Race Menu

Forgotten Magic Redone.


Loot detects no issues, nothing I seem to try does anything, anybody ever have this issue before?




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