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How to instal nudity mod DOA5 - Problem


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Sorry idk english. I will try to speak in english (Translator)


I have this game DEAD OR ALIVE 5 version 1.10 (Steam version) Please about help. I do not know how to install this mod ... 


I have only DLC ( Story mod ) and characters: KASUMI, AYANE, KOKORO


Problem 1:



I do not know what to choose the download component




Problem 2:



Where to install this ? I'm owner steam client.


Thx for help and info. Regards, 





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Hello Lilly,


For install mods in your game I recommend you to install Autolink : http://www.loverslab.com/topic/77539-autolink-330/


Put it in your raw game folder.


When it's done, you can create a folder in Autolink folder with each characters name.

Inside this new character folder you can drag and drop your mods, when you will launch the game you will be able to select your mods in the character selection screen from any costume.


Example for understand :




Autolink -> KASUMI -> Insert mods here. (TMC, TMCL).




Select Kasumi costume 01 -> press left to change costume.


I'm not using the Steam version so if there are another trouble I can't help.

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Thx for info and help. Problem solved. Kasumi and koroko are naked ... 


TMC, TMCL + auitolink is compatibilite with steam version. Other folders are not compatibilite with steam version (Crash game to windows)

I love kamusi and kokoro. Very sexy girls


Sorry i am lesbian girl. Thx, have a nice day ... 

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