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I'll Dance For You Mod


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Does anyone know where I can get the download link for the "I'll dance for you 2" mod and dance sync for Skyrim? Every link I find seems to be broken or in another language I can't really understand.


It would be much appreciated if someone could help me get the mods! Or at least help me get from the original source..



^ TES V I'll Dance For You and Dance Sync

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That's okay. Is this the I'll Dance For You 2 or version 1? I can kind of deal without the dance syncing for now and wait to find it. But if anyone else has a resource or link for the dance sync mod it'll be greatly appreciated!




Edit: I installed the mod and it says to talk to NPCs to dance, no dance menu comes up nor do I see anything for myself to execute the dance. Do I need the syncer for this to actually work? And I believe this is I'll Dance For You version 1. Not really sure how to get it to work since the instructions are pretty bland. :c

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You can get the stnc off the main website...


get to the tes skyrim mods list select the dance sync... if you have google chrome you can see and open (russian phrase)/Download is view-able click that then you'll see a in red text: that mentions ".ESP" click the corresponding button off to the side and there you have it!


There is an english option available.

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