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  1. even using the "setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1" in the command connsole, I am getting mods that are already there to 'refresh' and disappear from off the list all together... Chaurus Estrus wont update even after following the instructions... and several others like RND and Beeing Female just stay off the list unless i go to a previous save.
  2. I believe that he plan on putting a slider that effects clothing as the body morphs there is always the option to get the preg clothing effect via using the weight slider instead of the skeleton slider.
  3. Quite excited to see where this goes and if we can get animations/player interaction with the baby item/ child actor at some point in the future. Only bug I have is the carry weight being set at -1629001406 (after birth) but working with the player.setav carryweight in the command console its a temp fix.
  4. I have the same problem, I want to make it work like that HDT gif everyone is posting. RIGHT!? So frustrated...
  5. I'm still having issues getting HDT physics to work, i've attached the HDT.xml to the body_0 and body_1 Any idea what might be going on? My idle animation is still the tbbp idle.
  6. Oh I would love to see a animal/creature addon as well at some point with adjusted scales for pups or newborn falmer creatures, reikling and ect. I am STOKED to see the baby nif, i was looking at it in Nif scope, would love to see an animator make some ways to allow the pc to interact with the babe, breast feed and such... and a timer setting that after like 30 days in turns into a normal child (with some script that allows it to follow you and call you mom/pa and ect or stays home. Keep at it! I know for sure that I'll be testing this out when its released, bravo!
  7. Would love to see some Skeever/Skeleton or even Reikling intergarations.
  8. A Dragon activation spell would be awesome for part of the next update...
  9. Could Skeletons and Draugr's be added to the list of what the player can have sex with? I've attempted to edit the main files myself to do so, but im SOOL (Shit out of luck) I know some may be waiting for a creature mod for this to happen, but i figure they should be counted as a human/beast race or what ever the requirements are to initiate the animations such as combat rape.
  10. It would b nice to get an equitable "baby" for the player to wear... Also, a "Current Status" section in the Menu, so we can see what our players current condition is.
  11. A perk to b implemented in the main package could be that Jarls hold a special place in their hearts for the dragonborn if the DB is a Thane. For example take the marriage dialogue lines of "what is it love/dear" and math voices for the jarls... even though the player isnt married to them (or is due to mods) and if said jarl has children have the children refer to him/her as ma and pa at rare occaions. But also special sex script that the jarl uses on the DB in public places.
  12. I get a black screen after my character has sex, any clue to why? I did a complete uninstall using the cleanup, then removing the old scripts, from my data folder before installing this latest update.
  13. A slave that you can use as a chair... Or if you can make the animations, bath you.
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