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[Unity] Heatmap, short game concept demo.


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Hi, I made a new game concept! This time it's a playable demo. I'd appreciate any feedback.



Left click+drag to trace your fingertips over skin, building energy. Hold right click over a high-energy area to send the energy into the body, allowing it to build even higher.

Many H-games feature clicking on a character and filling their pleasure meter. My goal here is to replace the simple meter with something more expressive and creative. It's my hope to create a primary interaction that is engaging and fun by itself, and can be used for other games. A game with a boring or tedious primary interaction is never fun, so feedback at this stage is very important.


My main issue so far has been trying to communicate what the game is and how it works to new players. I really appreciate any info on how you approached the game, what you experimented with, that kind of thing.

The game has art by bbc-chan. check out their work here, it's very good: http://bbc-chan.tumblr.com/

And you can find more of my work at http://dixiepig.tumblr.com/

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regarding the tutorial, changing "drag" to "rub" would tell players that they have to repeatedly rub across the spot.


Thank you for the feedback. This is kind of interesting because in the first version, the two functions were named "Trace" and "Rub", being metaphors for tracing your fingertips vs rubbing with the palm. That was confusing though, so in the end I just tried to describe what they literally did and dispensed with the metaphor.

Maybe that was a mistake!


I think where this would head is that my choice of descriptive words are important, but no matter what, people are going to interpret them in wildly different ways. So I maybe need to look for non-verbal ways to guide player experimentation in the right direction.


Thanks again!

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