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A Devious Playthrough. Looking for some suggestions

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I put this in the SexLab section as well but this place seems more active hopefully this isn't breaking any rules I'll happily delete one if needed
Want to do a full playthrough of the game including the DLC's and of course I want to load it up with mods but I always go overboard and often actually progressing through the story becomes impossible because i'm trying to get my hands free or am getting raped by the entire population of solitide. You get what I mean, I want some sexy, a bit more challenge, but nothing gamebreaking or halting.
Going to avoid listing the obvious ones like sexlab, cbbe, animations, armor replacers, etc
I know I'm missing some good ones there are just so many please suggest any I havent thought of. something that actually has some gameplay challenge value
So far I've got 
⦁ DD and all it's dependancies
⦁ Captured Dreams Shop
⦁ Milk Mod Economy
⦁ Deviously Cursed Loot and Deviously Cursed Chests
⦁ Cum inflation
⦁ Skooma Whore
⦁ Soulgem Oven (I like it but it seems maybe too overpowered for trying to do a real playthrough and not just fucking around)
⦁ Sexlab aroused
⦁ Sexlab Parasites
⦁ Etrus Chaurus+
What I need help with
⦁ A which is the best bestiality mod in your opinion?
⦁ Which is the best Prison mod?

* Are any pregnancy mods worth it? if so whats your favorite

⦁ being a sex drain vampire seems fun have never had a whole lot of success getting it working well. Willing to try again though if someone speaks highky of a mod in particular
Mod customizations: The only big thing I can think of is turning off the hardcore yokes and armbinders that make doing anything impossible and maybe turning off that"any man can demand sex at any time" option.
I'd love to hear some feeback from you guys. Ever do a playthough beginning to end loaded up with sex mods?


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i heard "daedals presets all in one" was really good idk where i heard that though.



untamed, beastial essence, beastess, hentai creatures, creature framework

probably some more im forgetting

Those look great. No idea how I never saw them before. you made those? awesome work. downloading now

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MNC -SLAL version will let the creatures do the nasty, then you would need another mod for them to actually do it (Untamed, Beastess, Beastial Essence, Aroused Creatures)


POP with Patches and Ravens Beak Remastered would be the 2 best prison overhauls (imho)..the most used I think is POP with patches.


for a pregnancy mod there are many choices, I use SGO (Soul Gem Oven) myself because it fairly lightweight (in usage) and has decent options.


a quick search would find the MNC-SLAL version install guide (by Madmansguns) which can guide you thru installing creatures (and more). and would be worth reading.


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