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[HELP] How can I increase sizes of creatures?

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Hey all, I just wanted to ask if there is some mod/option to increase sizes of creature penises or creatures in general. I found mod called NPC Body scale randomizer I can change sizes of all NPCs but only penises of normal races and werewolves + when the animation begins the size shrinks back to normal, even when I unchecked the option to optimize the heights in sexlab. I tried SOS, that works also for only normal races and werewolves and the penis wont change his size back during animations which is great, but I would really like if it worked for creatures too. Am I missing something or is there no way to do it? Maybe I could simply shrink size of my character a bit but I have no idea how :D, any help appreciated.

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Changing size: use "setscale [value]" if [value] is 1+ then the character is bigger, as far as I am aware, this will not work during SL's animations, I can be wrong though...


"Shrinking" your character: Use RaceMenu's "Body Scales" => "Height". With a value lower than 1, you're "shrinking" your character, with a value greater than 1, you're "enlarging" your character.


Hope this helps.


Edit: Literally (not an exaggeration) just found this, maybe it will be able to help you.

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