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Creation Kit, Saving and Reopening mods


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Hey everybody, I'm working on a small Mod for Skyrim and have a few things already but am having trouble Reopening projects. I'm able to create the rooms, few NPCs, CoC my way in to look at the progress and so on but trying to open the project (.esm) after shutting the CK down It wont let me add the new work to the existing project. Even more when I tried to "CoC" back in the 2nd day my Character fell through the sky like that nolonger existed. Anybody can help with this? I've looked through these forums, CK's lil website, and tried simply Googling.

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Hey Thanks, I did get it to work and.., Now it appears in the CoC also so I can check what I added to see if your Fix worked in the former issue. The CK is a bit different from the other editors and 3D modelers I've used in the past but I'm sure I'll get it. Anyway, Thanks again.

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