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Skyrim freezes when inventory is emptied.

Emerald Herald

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I installed a few mods from this site and after a few days i noticed this problem. The game completely freezes when an outiside force empties my inventory: AKA Gurads when arrested, a quest from Cursed Loot, etc. I have to quit the game through task manager after it freezes. I have quite a lot of mods installed but I never had this problem before downloading Cursed Loot and Prison Overhaul. Attached are my load order and the papyrus log right after quitting the game via task manager.



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I figured out the problem, I emptied my inventory to a chest in my house (excluding quest items ofc.) and that fixed the problem. I didnt pinpoint what item caused the freeze but I did have a cursed loot collar in there so it might have been it.


I cant pinpoint the item that causes the freeze, could use some help with that if you have any ideas.

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You have a number of errors relating to the Race Compatibility esm at the end of the log. As for moving all items to a container do you have a large number of items in your inventory? I know some people use mods to reduce the weight of items or increase their carry weight and have hundreds of items and this can cause issues for Skyrim. As for having worn DD items in your inventory these will automatically be reequipped though if you had one on when this log was made it never got to the point of attempting to reequip it.

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I believe that when you have a lot of items th Skyrim engine can handle you moving the items to a container all at once but the papyrus script function that does it is a bit more fragile when you start dealing with a large number of items. I have had reports of crashing in CD when moving their inventory to a container and they had a large number of items (some people had a thousand or more items). Another factor is how much is going on in the background with papyrus so if it happens when a lot of other things are going on it is just that much more stressful on it.

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