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USKP and USLEEP incompatibility issues


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I have some old mods that are dependent on USLEEP and some that are dependent on USKP, I am wondering it if may lead to some crashes in my games, because I had a CTD near Whiterun between Whiterun and Riverwood.


CMIIW, but you can change the dependency from uskp to usleep since the change in uskp also imported to usleep. Or

you can ask the mod creator to make the usleep patch.

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Edit: i just realized i don't think this answers your question, but no as far as i know USLEEP and USKP are incompatible 






if there's only unof legendary version of a mod, i load it in tesedit with legendary, rename to unof skyrim, and good to go


to use mods with unof skyrim as master with mods with unof legendary as master

you had to have unof skyrim after update, unof dawnguard after dawnguard, and unof legendary after unof hearthfire

it was stupid, because of that the tesedit plugin to rename unof skyrim to unof legendary was made

using unof patch x.x, x.y or x.z with that mod, that doesn't change anything

doesn't change anything either if you replace unof patch with unof legendary x.x, x.y or x.z

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The two patch mods cannot be used together. The game will even tell you that if you try to load a save with both patches active.


The top sticky post on the nexus USLEEP page explains how to change mod dependancies on USKP over to USLEEP. Take the advise and convert those old mods. It's been two years since USKP was obsolete, there's no excuse.


As to the specific question - no, the patches are not the cause of your CTD's.

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