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[SOLVED] Question about all-in-one hdt mod and meshes


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Sorry for posting shortly after my last post, I answered my last one and this one is on another subject.

I have a mod that adds a Khajiit female standalone follower which has a unp body and human-like face. The thing is that npc is kind of a considered its own custom race but the body is khajiit. When i installed all-in-one hdt animated pussy mod from here I got textures for khajiit female body which I replaced in the standalone mod (works flawlessy because it had a grey cat body to begin with). Anyway, my problem is that there is actually no hdt pussy because all I did was replace the textures, I have no idea which mesh to move from all-in-one into the standalone follower mod to make it applied as if it was a regular khajiit body.

To be clear the objective is to take the body (only body) generated for khajiit females by the all-in-one mod and apply it to the standalone follower (which had a grey cat unp body to begin with) so that the hdt pussy shows as it would on a vanilla khajiit female

EDIT: So I found the solution all I had to do was take the femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif from all-in-one /meshes/actors/character/character assets and put them in the meshes for the standalone mod for that specific character, works great now

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