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anyone know good mods to make Argonian race more nice/sexy ?

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Your options are about as limited as any search of Nexus appears to suggest - that really is about the extent of it when it comes to how deeply you can customise the beast races sadly. 


When I decided I wanted to play a punch cat I embarked on a week long Khajiit beautification project. I pulled together quite a few mods in my quest, spent a couple of days blending textures from different place until I'd come up with a skin set that had all the elements I wanted. I ended up improving on vanilla significantly but just couldn't stand to look at her for more than a couple of hours.


Unless someone else has some evidence to the contrary (there are some very skilled folk among us so possible) , you might just have to accept that the basic improvement you get from the likes of Feminine Argonian Textures is about as good as it gets. 


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