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How LL featured is FallOut4 at this time? :$

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Hello. My SSD died recently, RIP heavily modified Skyrim install. I've been flirting with the idea of building that back up or waiting for SKSE64 which is currently in Alpha... But who even knows if LL content creators will work on SE versions, there might never be an SD+ or DD stuff for SE- There's little interest in that as far as I know. Which brings me to the title question.

To be specific... Buying FO4 and all DLC I would likely need, can I expect to be able to mod it to the degree I can mod Skyrim, in terms of LL mods? Or is it in an early stage so to speak? Is there an SD+ equivalent? A Defeat one perhaps? What about creature animations? Being Female? :$

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Fallout 4 currently has the FourPlay mod suite in development, something akin to SexLab as in it's a framework with animations that other mods can hook in to. There's also a Devious Devices framework in development. Both those suites are very much unfinished and it will probably take a long time before they become as stable as Skyrim porn suite is - if you can call that version 'stable' in the first place. You do have your batch of early attempts at pregnancy, bestiality and slavery (both player and NPC's); there's some nice jiggle physics and reactive bodypart mods; a Defeat-like mod is being worked on and I recently saw an STD mod being started - but nothing fully featured as of yet. I do urge you to have a look around, there's plenty to get mildly enthusiastic about.

What with MCM having been released and F4SE getting better I do have hope for some nice full feature mods - most excited for Subject #130 myself - but it's going to take a while and it's wholly dependent on how we treat our darling modders. Help them out, encourage them, and don't be sad when RL gets to them and us. Maybe even start modding yourself - what does your ideal Wasteland look like?

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Thank you both for the answers, I went back to Skyrim after all, it's a more familiar environment and I'm much more familiar with the mods in turn. :$ I do hope FO4 reaches a point where the same core mods at the very least can be enjoyed but it looks like that's not going to happen soon.

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