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Character Model [Glitch?] need help


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happened to me once, in my case was, even thouhg all in one, is all i one. i still needed to install a base body such as blessed body, dont know why but that fix it for me. installed xpsee32 and  xpmse32extended on top of all, you can try this. though i promise nothing.

sorry for shitty writting, english is not my native lenguage.

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When you reinstalled, did you remove the old mod first, or just install again over top of the existing?  From your LO, it looks like you're running UNP body - did you ensure that when re-installing you selected all appropriate options during the FOMOD installer?  The first choice is No Body, UNP, or CBBE/COS body.


The screenshot looks like the vanilla female body, with issues ;)

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