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Request for just a spanking animation??

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I know this animation has been done b4 and if u know where it is (since Non Sexlab has been replaced) and apparently it's not in SLAL that replaced Non Sexlab...tell me who else did a spanking animation or could some1 make and upload a spanking animation? I just don't want to double-load & have SLAL and Non Sexlab pushing that 7000 limit. TY

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I have the ZAZ AP. But the spanking animation will not play with Submissive Lola. Just trying to get it to play but in the top left corner...it says Animation:   (the rest is blank) and it plays another animation. Check my other posts on this issue to see why/what it is I'm looking for. TY

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Yes, I saw Rydin/Rder spanking in my MCM. Spanking animation appears 3 different times. I went and installed Non Sexlab and they showed up. I clicked install and then register in SexLab and Non Sexlab and in ZAZ. And it will still not play the spank. It chooses another animation. This all occurring with me asking to be spanked or my follower telling me to go see a guard. Makes no sense at all. 

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